Her heart is flaming, as befitting the Goddess of Love.  But this Goddess is less cherub and more stealth, embodying the “charm and seduction of the divine” (R. Schilling). She is spotlighted by the moon, appropriately, given her neolithic heritage and original myth.


STORM: Superhero Reimagined

Storm is a full 48″ x 60″, bursting out of the frame in shades of violet, fuschia, orchid and sapphire blue.  The texture on this piece is superb, giving it depth and movement.  Storm is made of a collage of discs, each with its own image or pattern, so she’s just as fascinating to view up close as from afar.

Glazed Pottery Series


For some time, I’ve wanted to do a series of paintings based on beautiful glazed pottery.  This is the first.  The colors are endless, and deep, ranging from jade to ocean to umber.  Texture is divine, and as always there is a gloss finish that brings it all together and creates the most stunning complexity of color.