Tithonus, the Goddess of Insects

Another in the Super Villain/Goddess series, this beauty is tough as nails in her protective love of fragile creatures. The colors are brilliant crimson and orchid, with a multitude of bright insect patterns and shapes.  This dynamic piece is very striking, about 2.5 feet tall and 6 feet wide.  A stunning piece for a hallway or over the  fireplace.

Tithonus 3

Tithonus fist

Tithonus 1

Tithonus 4

Tithonus bfly


This is reminiscent of a faded, battered circus banner, featuring the fearsome tiger. The colors are deep and glowing, proving the ferocity of the tiger that can’t be forgotten.circus1


circus mouth









Sirena is huge, 60W x 48H, in cool ocean greens and blues, a collage of individual discs with scenes and patterns.  Her fanciful sea friends look real but they also are collages (see close ups below).  A glimmer of gold bubbles and flecks of silver dance under the acrylic resin coat.mermaid3mermaid1mermaid2mermaid4

Medusa, Super Villain

This Medusa is surrounded by the blue waters of her lover, Poseidon.  Each snake on this massive piece (more than 6 feet tall) is formed with discs of brilliant images, and the entire piece has a luxurious resin coating.



Chiwen (SOLD)  is the Chinese dragon that really likes swallowing, so much so that he is often placed on structures as protection, to ‘swallow up’ all evil things.  He is HUGE, about 6 feet tall and 48″ wide, just his style.


He likes this reputation as a fearsome protector.  His scales are leafy green discs that invite study.  His colors are fierce Chinese red, gold, green and many others that appear in the depth of the resin coat.